We are going to be hosting two fundraisers this month in September, in hopes of raising money to use towards the Kreative Kids program.

If you don’t already know, this program has been running since 2012 and has since been a strong force in the community of Weston. This program runs throughout the school year and summer months for the children in the area. It’s a great place for them to get creative in fun crafts or where they can play fun games.

Our Fundraisers in September 2018

One of the fundraisers this month is an Adult Game Night! It’s going to consist of board games, Wii game challenges, guided painting projects, and more. You can expect food for sale, drinks such as beer, wine, coolers, juice, coffee, and tea. With so many fun things to do, you can guarantee you will never be bored.

Our second fundraiser will be a Spaghetti Dinner Night. You will be getting a plate filled with spaghetti, caesar salad, and garlic toast — meatless sauce and gluten free pasta will also be available — and for dessert there will be ice cream.

If you wish to support the program or would like to attend, please send us a message! You can also visit us at our Facebook page for more information.

Tickets are $10 for Game Night and $12 for Spaghetti Dinner Night.

Thank you!


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