Take Out Meal Fundraiser

Since March 23rd, Kreative: Kids & Kitchens and St Thomas Church (our host organization) has been helping to combat food insecurity in the neighborhood of Weston.

We have been providing Take out Meals and activities for over 40 families twice a week.

Each Meal you buy will help us to provide two meals for a family in Weston.

Date: Sunday June 21st, 2020
Place: St Thomas Church, 1567 William Ave W
Time: Between 5-8pm — pick up times will be assigned upon confirmation of meals purchased

Meal Price: $20 each

To order your meals please click HERE and fill out the order form.

Can’t make it but you would still like to contribute etransfer donations can be sent to st.thomas1567donations@gmail.com

or you can donate via our Canada Helps page

Thanks for you support

Take out Meal Fundraiser

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