metis inspired bracelet

Métis-Inspired Sash Bracelet

The Sash is a big part of the Metis and Voyager culture. The sash was used by the Métis as a practical item of clothing. It was decorative, warm and could be used to replace a rope if needed. The sash is one of the most recognized garments worn by the Métis. Traditionally, the sash … Continue reading Métis-Inspired Sash Bracelet

Quebec-Style Split Pea Soup

This hearty, protein packed, comforting soup is made with dried yellow split peas, flavorful ham and fresh vegetables. It’s easy to make and perfect for the cold weather. It was a staple of the voyager diet as they would have carried salted pork and dried peas with them from Montreal when leaving on canoe trips. … Continue reading Quebec-Style Split Pea Soup