Kreative Kids is a Weston area Arts & Crafts program for children ages 6-13.

It is a drop-in based program where children can learn and express their creativity. Two evenings a week we have structured crafts including paper mache; tie-dyed shirts; sewing projects or learning about a famous artist before painting in their style. A healthy snack is provided!

All crafts on this site have been tested and approved by the Participants of our Program.

Craft Night

Craft Night happens every Wednesday and Friday evenings for 3 hours of fun-filled crafts!

Alternately, during the summer months, we change the programming to craft night every Wednesday until the end of August.

The Weekend Program

Twice a month on alternating Saturday evenings we host:

  • Games & Crafts night
  • Family Movie night

At Games and Crafts night the children can play a board game, a group orientated Wii Game or create something of their own design with the craft supplies provided.

At Movie night the whole family can enjoy a movie together complete with popcorn and juice.

The Need for the Program

Why is there a need for a program such as this one? The Weston area does not have much in terms of free recreational programming for children – this program fills that role.

The incredible program allows families who are familiar in the area to send their children to socialize and let them express themselves creatively.

It’s a place where parents know their children will be safe.

We would like to thank our main sponsors that allow this program to happen:

The Winnipeg Foundation
Neighbourhoods Alive — LIFT Organization
Sir Thomas Cropo Foundation
The Thomas Sill Foundation

Other Donations
Sexton Group Ltd
Club 373
Jean Rockey