A New Year means A New You for some, part of that new you can mean de-cluttering.

And one of the best things to de-clutter is all of those odd socks whose match has been kidnapped by the dryer goblin.

And the best ways to make use of those socks, according to the kids at Kreative kids, is by making SOCK PUPPETS!




  • Old, Odd, Washed Socks (the bigger the better)
  • Hot glue Gun
  • Googley eyes
  • Accessories (pom poms, pipe cleaners, felt, lace, yarn etc.)


  1. Decide on what your puppet is going to be; a dog, a dinosaur, or George the friendly Alien.
  2. Cut out all the pieces needed for your puppet, ears, nose, spikes, a grass skirt etc.
  3. Put the Sock on one hand, figure out where your mouth will be, hot glue on the tongue (if you have one, and you might need a second set of hand for this), take your hand out and finish gluing on your puppets other parts. You will only need a little hot glue for each part as it might go through the sock depending on how thick it is. We always use Popsicle sticks to push down our items, so as not to get burnt by the glue.
  4. Once the Glue sets your puppet is ready for the adventures of the rest of the day.

Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets natural habitat are behind couches and counters, where they enjoy popping up now and again performing funny noises and singing silly songs


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