Merry Christmas to all!

Today is a day for family friends and fun, but in between present time and family dinner or if activities are needed to keep those small (and big) hands out of trouble it might be the perfect time to make some Christmas cards expressing your thanks for all the wonderful gifts you received this morning.

greeting cards
Photo by Jonathan Borba on


  • Coloured card stock, construction paper, or just plain white paper from the printer
  • Holiday Tracers or cookie cutters
  • Markers
  • Glue Sticks
  • Discarded wrapping paper from the mornings frenzy


  1. Fold your card base in half
  2. Print the Christmas tracer Here**.  Cut them out
  3. Trace shapes onto the back of the wrapping paper
  4. Cut them out. Alternatively if the wrapping paper is filled with dogs in Santa hats or holiday Princesses feel free to cut those out as well.
  5. Glue onto the front, back inside – wherever a picture is needed.
  6. Write Happy Holiday messages thanking the gift giver for your awesome present. They can go on the front, the back, the inside where a message is needed.

upcycled Christmas cards

Happy Card Making!

** I found some good tracers on this site but you can google for other shapes as well.



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