Christmas day has wound down everyone has played with, inspected, and quite possibly set aside their toys looking for something new. In lots of places Dec 26th is Boxing Day, where stores hold massive deals, so many go out to shop (to find that something new). But if you are looking to avoid the crowds and spend a low key day then creating your own village of toilet paper roll creature just might be the solution.toilet paper roll ninjasMaterials: Toilet paper rolls, Paper towel rolls, Wrapping paper rolls, Markers, Paints, White glue or Hot glue, Accessories (googly eyes, ribbons, yarn, doilies, pipe cleaners etc.)

Directions: There is only one direction, paint, colour, and glue whatever creature your imagination can think up. Just in case your brain is still exhausted from Christmas below are examples from the participants of Kreative Kids from over the years.



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