Every year St Thomas Anglican Church, our host organization, opens it doors as a Safe House for Trick or Treaters. 

It is a place where they can come in and rest, warm up for a bit, use the bathroom or just get themselves a treat and be on their merry way. Many participants, in the past have come by to get themselves an awesome treat.

Although this year they can not open their doors to public they at least can still give the neighbourhood kids candy and see all of the marvelous costumes.

We are asking for donations to help them make this happen, either in the form of candy or in the form of funds.

If you have candy to donate please email St.thomas1567@gmail.com or call them at
204-775-1107 to arrange pick up or drop off. 

If you would like to send funds etransfers can be sent to st.thomas1567donations@gmail.com  Please add Halloween Candy in the memo.

Alternatively you can send a cheque to
St Thomas Church 
1567 William Ave W
​R3E 1A7

Thanks In Advance and for all your support. 


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