With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, it’s the time of year where we wish for warmer days when we filled out our crafting days surrounded by the colourful flowers.

How about we bring back some of the brightness by painting our own landscape of flowers that will never fade with the winters coolness.

landscape of flowers


A Canvas (size 11×14 works well), Foam Paint brushes, Q-tips, paints (all the colours of the rainbow) a cup half full of water.


Using the green paint and the foam paint brush, first dip it into the water then into the green paint. As we only want a thin layer of green paint on your canvas. Only paint the bottom half of the canvas green.

Repeat with the Blue paint. Let Dry.

Using either the Q-tips or a small paint brush add puffy clouds to your sky and maybe a smile or two.

Now for the fun part, using the Q-tips add the flowers by painting rows of dots one colour at a time overtop of the green paint. Starting with lighter colours near the sky, moving to darker colours near the bottom of the canvas. Make them big or small, round or oval, whatever flower shape will bring the brightest colours to the oncoming dull days.

Check out a couple of our participants versions of the “Landscape of Flowers”.


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