Abstract Art is an art movement filled with passion and creativity. To some it might just look like lines on a canvas but to others it is a new way to look at the world. Piet Mondrian was one of the pioneers of several abstract art movements that eventually made its way into home décor and fashion.

Piet Mondrian is a great way to introduce young artists into the world of abstract art and its a great activity for everyone to do all together.


  • paper
  • red, blue, yellow, grey or white paint,
  • a sponge
  • Canvas, paper, or even cardboard
  • Paint — Red, Blue, Yellow, Black (and white if you are using a canvas that is not white)
  • Ruler or a straight edge
  • pencil
  • paint brushes


Using your straight edge and pencil lightly draw horizontal and vertical lines creating square and rectangle of different sizes, filling up your canvas.

Paint in the squares, a solid colour for each square. If your canvas is not white don’t forget to include white in your squares as well. If you are using a white canvas then leave a few squares blank to create a contrast between the colours and the background. Let dry before you complete the next step.

Last paint over your pencil lines with your black paint. You can make then thin or thick. Alternately you can also draw over your pencil lines with a sharpie instead of painting then on.

Piet Mondrian

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