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Egg Carton Snails

Egg cartons are a very versatile recycled object. They can be turned into bird feeders, they can be turned into treasure chests, they can even bee turned into dragons or sail boats as seen in one of our previous posts. Today we are going to turn them into Snails. Materials: Egg carton cups pipe cleaners … Continue reading Egg Carton Snails

Circle art, made by painting overlapping circles onto a page then colouring in each section a different colour. Mixed Media art.

Circle Art

Circle art is an easy and simple way to pass the time and keep those little or big hands busy. All that is required of you is some paint, a cup, and colouring utensils to create this art that looks like it should hand on the wall of a museum. Paper Black Paint (or any … Continue reading Circle Art

Piet Mondrian — Composition Red, Yellow and Blue Suncatcher Art

Add some colour to your windows by recreating a simple yet sophisticated suncatcher in the style of Piet Mondrian an abstract artist popular during the first half of the 20th century. Window Paint -- White Glue mixed with a couple of dollops of paint to tint the glue for paintingWax paperRuler or a straight edgePencilPaint … Continue reading Piet Mondrian — Composition Red, Yellow and Blue Suncatcher Art