As the holiday season is in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about decorations. This simple Angel craft will look great in a window display, on the mantle, beside your desktop computer or as an angel topper for your tree. It’s the perfect craft to help keep those creative hands busy. And all material can be found at the Dollar store Woo Hoo!



  • Clean empty 2L bottle
  • Foam Ball (3inches)
  • Doily x2 (10 1/2inches)
  • White Fabric (a pillow case or old sheet work well)
  • Pipe cleaners( optional)
  • Gold cord
  •  Weight for inside the bottle (beans, pebbles, rice, sand etc.)
  • Various little decorations (ribbons,bows,flowers,tinsel,snowflakes, etc.)
  • Glue gun
  1. Fill the bottle with about an inch or so of what ever item you are using for weight (we had beans) For angel tree topper cut the bottom of the 2L bottle off instead of filling it with weight.
  2. Glue the foam ball to the lid of the bottle (for the head)
  3. Drape the white fabric over the head, like a ghost, trim excess. The fabric should only be as long as the bottle.
  4.  Tie the gold cord around the neck of the bottle to secure the angel gown.
  5. Fold the doily in half then in half again to make the wings. To make the wings ‘puffy’ unfold one side, then fold it back into itself. repeat with the other Doily
  6. Glue wings to the back of the angel, then glue the decorations onto the front.
  7. Shape a pipe cleaner into a halo, poke through the fabric into the foam ball where you would like it, then secure with glue. (optional)

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