Teachers are some of the hardest working people I know. So every year, twice a year, at Kreative Kids we have teacher gift making days, one at Christmas and one in June.

For me the best teacher gifts are always something they can use on their desk or in their home. Or something that brightens up their classroom reminding them that they are amazing and awesome and appreciated.

Below are examples of teacher gifts we have created in the past with brief instructions as too how to create them. Most don’t take longer then an half an hour to create so even if its the last week of school you still have time to create a thoughtful homemade gift.

Yoda Best Teacher Picture Frame

For this gift you will need a paint-able frame, paint (in galaxy colours) sponges, and the Yoda Best teacher Graphic. The instructions are simple, sponge paint the frame to look like a galaxy or nebula, print the Yoda graphic, colour it then cut it to fit inside the frame.

Milkyway Galaxy
Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

The Yoda graphic was downloaded from here, Yoda Graphic and it had been used many times with the participants because everyone loves Yoda.

In case you needed a little Galaxy inspiration here’s a photo of our wonderful Milky way Galaxy.


Crayon Wrapped Pencil/Candy Jar


Supplies for this gift are as follows an empty jar (jam, cheese whiz, pasta sauce etc), crayons (the cheap kind from the dollar store that don’t colour very well), ribbon and a hot glue gun. Pick out enough crayons to surround your jar, decide on a pattern or don’t that’s up to you, using the hot glue gun glue each crayon onto the jar as seen in the photo. When finished tie a ribbon around the crayons using a big bow. And that’s it the gift is completed. As an added bonus you could fill it with chocolates or jelly beans.

Tea – rrific Cards


Teachers don’t always need an elaborate gift, mostly they just want to feel appreciated. So if you are short on time then the Tea-rrific Card is perfect. All you need is markers, scissors, the printed Tea card, and a packet of tea. Print the tea cup card, cut it out, write ‘You are Tea-rrific’ on the front, decorate as desired, then on the inside staple a packet of tea and write ‘Have a Cup on me’ then sign your name. That’s it, its that simple,



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