Troll Hair, Don’t Care

If your little ones are anything like the participants of Kreative Kids then it doesn’t take much for their imagination to soar. Feed their make believe play with these easy head bands and soon they will be dancing like Poppy or singing like Branch for the rest of the day.


                  • Tulle — 4″ width rolls (any colour)
                  • Skinny Headband
                  • Scissors
                  • Fabric flowers, Ribbon, Glue gun (optional)


  1. Cut the tulle into, at least 7, 27 inch pieces**
  2. Loop all but one around the headband, pull tight
  3. Once all pieces are on, gather the ends together and tie with a bow at the top with either the remaining tulle piece or with the ribbon (if using), glue if necessary
  4. Hot glue the flowers wherever one is needed.

** you can add up to 20 pieces of tulle hair but being a non-profit organization 20 pieces of tulle can be pretty expensive when you have to make 20 head bands at a time. I found that 7 pieces was the least amount we could add and still have a full head of Troll hair.


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