Today’s the Day we PARTAY!!!

And what’s a party without Party Hats.

We’ve got a couple of simple and one not so simple party hat creations that you can make for whatever New Years Festivities you’ve got going on this evening.

Toilet Paper Roll Party Hats

toilet paper roll party hats

Supplies are as follows: Toilet paper rolls, Cardboard, paint or markers, glue gun, a hold puncher and String. Trace out a circle using a bowl, cut it out. Hot Glue the Toilet paper roll into the middle of the circle. Decorate, punch holes on the sides attach the strings and tie it your head.

Ribbon Topped Hats

construction paper party hats, diy

You will need Construction Paper, ribbons, tape (or stapler), hole puncher, and string. Roll the construction paper into a cone. At the small end of the cone, on the inside, tape or staple three or four ribbons on the inside so the poke out the top. Fasten the ends of the cone together. The wider end of the cone will not be level. Trim so you have a flat hat to put on your head. Hole punch and attach strings and tie it to your head or someone else’s.

Mini Sombreros


We originally made these hats to celebrate Cinco De Mayo but they also work well as a party hat.

You will need paper plates, cups, pom poms, hot glue gun, hole puncher, strings and decorations either tissue paper or stickers. Hot Glue the cup to the centre of the plate and the pom poms all around the edge. Decorate the cup with either some colourful tissue paper or stickers. Then, you know the drill, hole punch on the sides, attach the string and tie it to the head of a willing party goer.

Cereal Box Top Hat


This one is the not so simple Party Hat and takes a few more steps.

Materials: Cereal boxes (at least 2), A big and a medium bowl from the kitchen, paint, packing tape, or stapler or Glue Gun.


  1. Flatten our your Cereal Boxes, trace a circle using the big bowl from the kitchen. Cut it out.
  2. Trace another circle in the middle of the big circle with the medium size bowl. This circle should be the size of your head. Cut out the circle. This is your brim.
  3. Flatten out your other cereal box and cut off the flaps so you just have one big long rectangle.
  4. On one of the long edges of the rectangle cut flaps one inch up about one inch apart.
  5. With the cardboard side out stick it in the hole of the brim. Stapling the top together.
  6. Turn your hat upside down,  fold and attach the flaps to the underside of the brim with either a hot glue gun or packing tape.
  7. Paint and decorate as the mood suits you.

This News Year Eve is always more festive with Party Hats!


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