Dragons! Yes that’s right, I said Dragons!

Dragons guard your towers, your royalty, and your caves filled with Gold. They are fierce adversaries for knights or they are their best friends.

So why not create your own Dragon for all your crazy adventures.


  • 2 egg cartons
  • paints
  • glue
  • string/hole puncher



Cut one of the egg cartons in half, one side will be the head, and the full carton will be the body. Using the left over half of egg carton cut out two or three cups for the eyes, either separated or all together.

egg carton dragons
This Is Big Red. He’s overseeing the creation of the new dragons for your adventures.

Paint each of the pieces. Dragons are not just green they are all colours of the rainbow. Let dry.


Attach the body to the head by punching holes into each of the bottom cups then tying them together.

Egg carton dragons

Glue the eyes on the head at the point where the body attaches.

egg carton dragons

Now your Dragon is ready to guard your massive hoard of gold, or if you don’t have a massive hoard of gold then you might want to make yourself a paper towel roll castle that is sure to need protecting. toilet paper roll crafts, castles


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