Covid-19 had changed the way many of us go about our daily lives, us included, so posting our craftastic creations has not been on the top of our to do list.

Kreative kids, as we know it, has had to adapt to these uncertain times and in doing so our goal has shifted a bit.

The goal of the program has always been to bring Kreativity and Art into the lives of kids who might not have regular access to it, and in doing so we also became a safe place for kids to hang out and maybe get an extra meal.

Since social distancing practices came into play we have had to change out format a little bit. Instead of offering a place to create art, we now offer take home activity bags, twice a week, which includes everything you will need to make the crafts of the week.

Food security is a growing problem in our home neighborhood so along with our take home activities we have also been offering take home meals for the families who are struggling; each week we add another family to our list. With starting the Takeout meal endeavor, an offshoot program called Kreative Kitchens has been born (actually it was born awhile ago but we’ll get into that another time) Kreative Kitchens Goal is to offer free community meals while also offering job skills training for youth who do not have access to this kind of training.

Over the next little while instructions for the take home crafting activities will be posted. Many of these crafts use things you can find around your house or find at the essential grocery or dollar store so they can be picked up during your bi weekly shop.

Sending these supplies (and meals) does come with a price tag, so if you would like to help us to continue for as long as possible donations can be sent to our host organization, St Thomas Anglican Church by etransfer


on the Canadahelps website


contact us if you have any goods or items you would like to donate (

Thanks in advance. Let’s make the time in Quarantine in the most craftastic that we can.


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