Got a spare half hour? Looking for a fun activity that doesn’t require extra supplies or any extra trips to the store. This recycled art uses up old magazines, flyers, or even comic book pages. All you need to do is to raid your recycling box and let the creating begin.


  • 2 pieces of paper (something a little thicker then printer paper such as Card stock or Construction paper but printer paper works well too)
  • Glue
  • tracer template
  • Old magazines
  • Scissors


magazine art
  • Cut out the tracer of your choice
  • Click Here for our tracers or just download any silhouette picture from google to use as a tracer.
  • Trace the shape onto one of the papers, then cut out the centre of the shape
magazine art
  • Cut 2 or 3 magazine pages into strips (make sure to pick colourful ones)

Glue the strips to the other paper, covering the whole thing.

Tip: Glue stick works best for this craft, but if you are using white glue only spread a thin layer to prevent over saturation and super long drying times

  • Glue your page with the cut out shape on top of the magazine covered page. Make sure to push down the edges. Put something heavy on it if it starts to curl up
  • Trim the edges, then voila, show off your colourful piece of art

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