Halloween is fast approaching, many people are getting treat bags ready, deciding the final touches for their costume and putting up decorations wherever they can.

Halloween is also a favourite of our participants as there are so many cool crafts you can create with this holiday. So we thought we would list a few of the awesomest yet simplest crafts we have made over the years at Kreative Kids.

Hand-print Black Cats

This is a simple crafts that can be done with all ages. All you need is black paper, card stock or construction, a white or light coloured pencil crayon, a paper fastener or glue.

Trace your hand onto the black paper and cut it out. For the head you can either just draw a circle with cat ears or trace a cup or bowl then add the ears to the top and cut out. Draw your cat face and either attach it to the palm part of the cut out hand with the paper fastener or just glue it in its spot.

These are great decorations for your windows, as name cards for parties, or make a litter of them and hang them up as garland in your living room.

Mummy Lanterns

For this craft you need an old cleaned out jar, salsa and spaghetti work best, strips of white fabric, google eyes, an LED tea light or glow stick, and a glue gun. If you do not have a store of scrap fabric like we do the best and cheapest way to get white fabric is to check out your thrift store for white pillow cases.

First cut your fabric into long strips at least 5 inches wide. Take one end and hot glue it to the back of the jar near the bottom. Then simply wrap the strip around the jar as you would wrap a mummy. When you have reached the top of jar or the end of the fabric glue the end in place. If you haven’t covered the whole jar, get another strip of fabric and repeat the process wrapping around any glass parts left. Glue on your google eyes, add your tea light, and you’re done. You now have a Mummy Lantern.

Some of our participants decided they needed creepy smiles, so using black paint or a sharpie you can add a menacing smile. I also like to fill mine with chocolate treats and forgo the lantern part of this craft.

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

You will need Toilet paper rolls, paints, glue, googly eyes, construction paper and any other supplies you would like to glue on your creatures.

The only instructions are to create. Paint your rolls to represent any creature you feel like then glue on their googly eyes. In the past we have had Frankenstein Monsters, ghosts, aliens, and bats. We have added pieces of fabric for Alien hair, wings cut out of construction paper for bats, cut fringe on the top of Frankenstein for his hair, and added crepe paper tails to make our ghosts fly in the wind.


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