In the age of digital photos not many people display their priceless memories anymore. But that’s only because most picture frames are boring. Plain, dull usually either Black or brown not really something very exciting at all. The “I See All” Frame is anything but plain, dull or boring black. It will brighten any room you place it in or desk you display it on top of.


  • paper
  • red, blue, yellow, grey or white paint,
  • a sponge
  • Paint, one colour or many
  • Wooden Picture Frame
  • Googly eyes, many different sizes
  • glue


  1. Paint your picture frame, let it dry. (we only used on colour)
  2. Then the fun begins, start gluing on your googly eyes, EVERYWHERE.
  3. We like to start with the biggest ones first then the next biggest, then the next and so on and so forth until you have either run out of space or eyeballs to glue. Make sure to use enough glue so that the eyes will set and not fall off when you hang you frame up.
  4. This frame is perfect to add a picture of this year’s Halloween costume, or to give away as a gift to your hard working teacher or someone special in your life.


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