Valentine’s day is just around the corner so everyone is either making heart shaped cards, heart shaped cookies or decorating hearts in one form or another. This year we decided we wanted to change up our heart making activities and create something a little more exciting. And what’s more exciting than creating your heart shaped own animals. Below are instructions to create four different animals or just cut out your own different sizes of hearts and make your very own animal creation.


heart animals


  1. Cut out your heart tracers. 
  2.  Trace and cut out the different sized hearts to create an Owl, Fish, Turtle and Butterfly or create your own animal with all the heart shapes in whatever order you would like. The size and quantity of the hearts is listed below each photo.
  3. Once you have the shapes cut out for the animal you want, glue them all together just like the photos below.
heart animals

1-A (body), 2-D (wings), 2-E (eyes), 5-F (nose, feet, ears) – draw on eyes.

heart animals

1-A (body), 2-B (fins), 1-D (mouth), 4-E (1-eye, 3-spots), 1-F (pupils for the eye)

1-B (body), 1-C (head), 1-D (middle spot), 4-E (feet), 4-F (spots) —  draw on eyes

2-B (wings), 2-C (wings), 8-D (wings and body), 1-D (head, different colour), 2-F (antennas), two strips of 5cm long and .5cm wide any colour for their antenna as well. Glue your butterfly in two parts, wings then body, then put the two together.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your Craft and tag us on Instagram @_kreativekids.

We want to see all your art creations!

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