Circle art is an easy and simple way to pass the time and keep those little or big hands busy. All that is required of you is some paint, a cup, and colouring utensils to create this art that looks like it should hand on the wall of a museum.


  • paper
  • red, blue, yellow, grey or white paint,
  • a sponge
  • Paper
  • Black Paint (or any colour paint really but black stands out the best)
  • plastic cup
  • Colouring Utensils — crayons, markers, or pencil crayons


Paint the rim of your cup black.

Stamp the cup onto your page to make a circle.

Paint the rim of your cup black again, then stamp it again onto the paper overlapping it a bit with your first circle. If you would like a smaller sized circle as well, paint the bottom of your cup or use a smaller sized cup then stamp it on to your page too.

Continue painting and stamping till the page is full of overlapping circles. Let it dry

Next colour each section a different colour using your crayons, markers, or pencil crayons or use all three if you have them. Continue colouring till each circle is filled in with many different colours.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your Craft and tag us on Instagram @kreativekidswpg


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