Egg cartons are a very versatile recycled object. They can be turned into bird feeders, they can be turned into treasure chests, they can even bee turned into dragons or sail boats as seen in one of our previous posts. Today we are going to turn them into Snails.


  • Egg carton cups
  • pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • paint
  • glue


Cut your egg cartons so you have single cups.

Then paint them wonderfully bright colours.

Cut your pipe cleaners into three pieces, as shown. One piece about 20cm, then one piece around 5cm (you will have a little left over).

Turn your egg carton upside down and push the middle of the longer pipe cleaner into it leaving a short tail on one side and a longer head/neck on the other.

Wrap the shorter pipe cleaner around the neck to form two antenna eyes.

Now, Glue on the google eyes.

Dont forget to make them some friends. Since they are made from an egg carton they can get pretty lonely all by themselves as they have been part of a set of 12 all their lives.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your Craft and tag us on Instagram @kreativekidswpg


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