Painting is always fun, as you get to explore the blending colours and trying out different patterns and different brush strokes and different techniques but the best part about painting is that you don’t even need a paint brush to do it. Anything in your house can become your paint brush. From forks, to potatoes, to strings, or even sponges. This Dandelion painting activity doesn’t use paint brushes to create these flowers our main ‘brush’ is Q-tips.


  • White paper
  • construction paper (optional)
  • q-tips
  • Black paint
  • Sky coloured paint — blue or purple
  • Flower coloured paints –we used yellow, red, & orange
  • paint brush (I know it says you do not need one so this is optional as it works just as well with the q-tips)


Paint your white paper blue. Fill a small cup or bowl with a little bit of water.
Dip a Q-tip (or the paint brush) into the water then into the paint then brush onto the white paper.
You want to cover the paper with a thin layer of paint, so it looks like a washed out sky. This means you will use more water then paint. If the paint on the page is too dark in spots then just paint with water to spread it out all over the page.
Using the Q-tips and the black paint you will now create your long flower stems and the inside leaf stems. 
Brush long crooked steams across your washed out sky page, add one or two or as many steams for a many flowers you would like.
Starting where the centre of the flower bud would be then fanning out in curved line to create the circle of the dandelion.
Add 10 to 12 fanning flower pedals to create a full dandelion.
You will end up with objects that look like black fireworks across your page.
We ended up only adding two to our page but you can do as many as you would like, maybe even a whole sky’s worth.

Using the Q-tips again, now paint your dandelion flower buds. Try not to push too hard when painting your flower buds, you just want to dab lightly so we can see the colour and so you have enough room to add more and more colours. There are two ways to complete this

First Way

one Q-tip and one colour at a time covering the whole dandelion flower mixing or not mixing colours
so we totally forgot to take a picture with only orange and yellow flower buds
so you get two pictures with all three colours for our dandelion flowers

Second Way

hold 3 or 4 Q-tips in a bunch
dip in the paint and then dab you q-tips as you did the first one. It creates great clumps of buds that look extra cool
Again, either mixing or not mixing the colours.


Glue the finished painting to the construction paper to give it a nice display border then hang up or send it too someone who needs their day brightened

Don’t forget to take a picture of your Craft and tag us on Instagram @kreativekidswpg

We want to see all of your Wonderful Creations!


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