Mosaic Art is a great way to use up your scraps of almost anything. Paper, crafting foam, ribbons, fabrics, buttons, gems, glitter confetti, even dried beans (as seen on our post Bean Mosaic Coasters). At Kreative Kids we usually create Paper or craft foam mosaics as that is what we always have left overs of. This activity requires a little patience when it comes to acquiring your supplies as first you will need to save up all your left over crafting foam pieces or paper scraps, cut then into about a centimetre sized square then store them into a container until you have enough different colours to create this wonderful piece of art.


  • Foam Squares – your tiles
  • White Glue
  • A Pattern
  • Cardboard Canvas — which can be from a cereal box or moving box or even a shoe box, whatever kind of box you have lying around works just fine as long as it fits your art work


The first thing you need to do is decide on a pattern, our instruction show you have to make a turtle but in reality you can make almost anything. Click Here to see our turtle pattern plus a couple of other animals. We have also included a blank grid so you can design your own. You can also google Pixel art, which is the new way of saying mosaic art, and you will find a whole bunch of patterns with endless possibilities and endless pictures for you to create.

  • Using the pattern build your Mosaic Masterpiece on a tabletop to make sure you have all the squares in the right place. (note, if the squares are not all the same size, you might have to cut a few or fit them in their best formation, like a puzzle)
  • Starting at the bottom glue your tiles to your cardboard canvas, one row at a time.
  • Continue gluing the tiles moving up to the top of the pattern until your picture is complete.
  • Let Dry then display in your window because Art is always meant to be seen.

Here are two examples from our participants.

One made from our animal patterns and one made from different shapes showing us how mosaic art isn’t always about squares.


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