This month is Pride Month. A month to Celebrate everything LGBTQ, a month to celebrate acceptance for all, a month to celebrate not being ashamed of who you are and a month to celebrate all things Rainbow.

So why not show your support with this super simple Rainbow craft that can be hung in your window, your door, or outside on your porch where it can blow in the wind.


Pride Rainbows

White paper

Strips of Construction paper in rainbow colours




pride rainbows
  1. Fold the white paper in half and draw a cloud shape on it.

pride rainbows

Cut them out.

Turn one cloud over then decorate with pictures, a face or just leave them blank.

pride rainbows
pride rainbow

Turn one cloud over and paint it with glue.

pride rainbow

Next place the rainbow strips of paper on the bottom of the cloud and the string in the middle with a loop at the top of the cloud.

Place the other cloud on top, make sure to line up the edges, let dry. If it starts to curl up the place a heavy book on top so it dries flat.

Once fully dry be sure to hang it in your window to show your support for all the Kreative LGBTQ Kids. As the world is a much duller place when our rainbows are hidden away.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your Craft and tag us on Instagram @kreativekidswpg


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