Eventually you will run low on craft supplies and with Gas prices being so high you might be minimizing the trips you make anywhere, well the Great Egg Carton Boat can be made with items that are easily found in your house. A perfect craft to complete in between your weekly trips to the store when you stock up on all things craftastic.


egg carton boat
  • An egg carton
  • Straws or bamboo skewers
  • Paint, Paint Brushes
  • Paper — 4×4 inch squares, at least 2, more for bigger boats
  • Scissors
  • Markers (optional)


First cut out your boat from the egg carton, Big or Small, you decide.

Paint your Boat, We chose the colours yellow for the bottom and white for the top

Let it dry overnight, try not to over saturate the egg carton with paint as that will make it weak and harder to attach your sails. If you are running low on paints you don’t have to paint your boat you can also colour it with markers or leave it the egg carton colour. At Kreative Kids we love to paint so we use any excuse we can to paint everything.

Using the 4×4 paper cut triangles from the tops to make a sail. The paper you use can be anything you have lying around, left over decorative paper, construction paper, card stock or even white paper from your printer. You can leave they paper blank or colour your own design to adorn the sails.

egg carton boat
  • Punch holes with your scissors about 3-5 cm from the top and bottom
  • Insert the straw into the holes so it looks like a sail.

egg carton boat

When your boat is dry poke holes into the egg cartons just big enough for the straws to poke through and stand up straight

Depending on your supplies you could make a whole fleet of these before the day has ended then sail the seas to explore new lands.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your Craft and tag us on Instagram @kreativekidswpg


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