Well, it sure is windy where I am so that calls for a craft that uses the wind to its full advantage. These Buggy Windsocks are super easy to make and will bring a smile to everyone who passes them as they fly on the wind.

Now may I introduce to you Lady Crimson Bug and Lord Bumble Bee.


  • paper
  • red, blue, yellow, grey or white paint,
  • a sponge
bug windsocks
  • A disposable Cup, Paper, Plastic or Styrofoam
  • Black Paper
  • Ribbons or Yarn
  • Googly Eyes (optional)
  • Black, Red or Yellow Paint
  • Glue


  • Cut the bottom out of the cup.
  • Paint the cup either Yellow or Red, let dry. It might need more then one coat of paint**
  • Paint black strips for Bee or Black spots for Lady Bug, Let Dry.
  • Paint or draw a mouth (again let dry).
  • Glue on the googly eyes or if you don’t have googly eyes then paint your eyes on too.

**Alternately, you can also just colour your cup with markers depending on the type of cup you have. Also if you do not have a cup a toilet paper roll works well too.

  • Add 4 holes to the bigger end of the cup spaced out evenly and 2 holes to the smaller end on opposite sides. You can use a hole puncher or just your scissors.
  • Cut 4 pieces of ribbon or yarn into approx 4 metre pieces.
  • Cut 2 pieces of ribbon or yarn into approx 2 metre pieces.
  • Attach the 4 metre pieces to the 4 holes on the bigger end.
  • Attach the 2 metre pieces to the 2 holes on the smaller end for the hanger.

The Ribbons or yarn can be any colour or you can choose colours that match your bug like red, black, yellow or white.

  • Fold the black paper in half then cut out your bug wings (cutting half of a heart works well)
  • Glue to the back of your bug.

Hang out in your yard to catch the wind.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your Craft and tag us on Instagram @kreativekidswpg


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