Traditionally the 12 Days of Christmas are between Christmas day and Three Kings Day (the day the wise men showed up with gifts for baby Jesus) And typically these are also the days of Winter break for most schools And these days will need filling with activities.

So for each of the 12 days of Christmas Kreative Kids has posted a simple activity that has been tested and approved by our participants.

Happy Krafting!

Here are all the activities we have in store for you. Do them all at once or one a day whichever fits within your holiday adventures.

Day 1 of 12 — Holiday Thank you cards

Day 2 of 12 — Toilet Paper Roll Creatures

Day 3 of 12 — Troll Hair Don’t Care

Day 4 of 12 — T-shirt Designs

Day 5 of 12 — Dough Art

Day 6 of 12 — Worry Pets

Day 7 of 12 — Party Hats

Day 8 of 12 — Book Making

Day 9 of 12 — Bird Feeders

Day 10 of 12 — Sock Puppets

Day 11 of 12 — Marshmallow Building

Day 12 of 12 — Vegan Cup Cakes

Enjoy these simple yet fun time wasters.


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